We were no different than most other breeders – bitten by the dog bug in earliest childhood. At the beginning I was primarily interested in training and gave little thought to breeding dogs, a choice which may also have been due to the limited space available to city dwellers. During my youth any thoughts I might have entertained in that direction were quickly nipped in the bud by my parents. A major breakthrough came with my first successful dog:


He was to be a working dog only but he developed a superb anatomy. Twice he went to the LGA [Landesgruppenausscheidung = Regional Qualifier for BSP] in Bavaria – South, was awarded V-2 at the Siergerschau in Germany, VA-4 in Switzerland, and in Austria he was the VA-1 winner. In 1989 Fortune smiled upon me once again: I received my foundation bitch from Mr. Walter Martin:

VENJA von der Wienerau

Venja was a strong boned bitch with a large frame and a beautifully coarse head. She had several outstanding litter mates, amongst them such notables as the legendary Vanta Wienerau. Venja appears in the pedigrees of all of my dogs today. She not only passed on an above average temperament but also very good hips. Per agreement I initially bred under the “Wienerau” kennel name. Venja’s first mating with “Jello Wienerau” produced five bitches, the C-litter Wienerau, and three of these bitches produced remarkable progeny:

Candy Wienerau

was sold as puppy and later whelped the VA dog “Odin Hirschel”. My breeding of her litter sister “Chila Wienerau” gave us the Junghundsiegerin [Young Dog Class – Females] “Ungana Wienerau”  as well as the Austrian Jugendsieger [Youth Dog Class – Males] “Boccacio Wienerau”. I bred under my own kennel name with the third litter sister, “Cina Wienerau”. She produced “Harto Sendling”, now living in South Africa. Harto’s progeny epitomize the mental and physical strengths that charcterize the internationally renowned Wienerau line.

Several more good litters followed. As it turned out, all Venja daughters threw above average progeny. The Venja daughter “Verena Wienerau” was bred with “Hanno Eulerstrasse” and produced “Karly Sendling”, now an effective influence in Italy. Mating her with my “Boccacio Wienerau” she whelped “Panda Sendling”, who took the JKL [Jugendklasse = Youth Dog Class] SG-18 at the 1999 Siegerschau. We now have the first of the dogs line-bred on Venja and Chila and we look confidently into the future.

The N-litter Wienerau, whelped by us, is worth mentioning in that it included the absolutely first- rate females “Noscha Wienerau” and “Nova Wienerau”, the latter being the dam of “VA Zambia Arminius”.

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Ognjen Kapidzic

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